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Hi! I'm Ferera, and I'm a recording artist, singer & songwriter, musician, adoptee, and dog mom to Charlie, Joey, and Tato, my amazing fur kids!

Five years ago, I began sharing my adoption journey on social media and advocating for adoptee rights. Around that same time, I envisioned designing apparel that would motivate powerful conversation around the not-as-popular yet necessary adoption truths surrounding ethics, trauma, mental health, and adoptee rights. As it stands today, the majority of what we see in marketplaces like Etsy still highlight narratives of non-adoptee voices in adoption, and I thought, this needs to change. Despite our histories, I believe it's our responsibility to educate ourselves, to un-learn and re-learn, to dismantle our own biases—that it's our duty to do this inner work for ourselves, the people we love, for current and future generations, and the world we live in.

I created Indigo+Swan as a creative advocacy outlet that strives to inspire just this kind of work while doing what I love—create!  

Thank you for reading this far. I'm glad you stopped by, and hope that wherever you are on your journey, you discover what healing means for you.

In love, health, and with gratitude,

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